Two kinds of people see the world: the Rich and the Military!
— Mark Twain, Humorist and Author
Aron and Jason Galvan, girls and Bo

Aron and Jason Galvan, girls and Bo

I love that quote because I definitely wasn't rich so I joined the military and then married military.  As a military family, we have been able to have experiences and travel to places we could otherwise only dream about.  Jason and I met while we were both serving in the Navy.  I served 4 years and got out and Jason is about to retire in 2020 with 30 yrs active duty.  So we are starting to shift gears to a more permanent state of mind.  Thinking about our "forever" home and wondering what roots will feel like. Will it make us feel confined or make us feel connected to our community?  

I have had dogs my whole life.  Herding, hunting, working and lap dogs have passed through my life as an owner and as a dog sitter.  As a family, we rescued an American Labradoodle in 2015 and it was startling how people oriented he was.  People are drawn to him.  I began to do research about labradoodles and I was hooked. There is a difference between the American Labradoodle (lab + poodle, F1, F1b etc.)  and the Australian Labradoodle (multigenerational).   Every dog breed has been bred with a purpose: to chase, to follow their nose, to make noise, to bite and not let go.  The Australian Labradoodle was originally bred in Australia to be a service dog for a blind woman with dog allergies.  The ALD was bred to be a working companion. So low/no shedding, allergy friendly companion dog was the goal. Brilliant!!  The modern family who desires to have a dog and not the hairy mess all over their house will fall in love with this gorgeous breed of dog.  

With retirement in mind, I decided to focus on what I WANTED to do and not what Jason's career dictated we HAD to do.  I love dogs and I love the service oriented Australian Labradoodles and so raising companion dogs was about the easiest decision I've ever made.  Being involved in whatever community we are planted in has always been important to us so we developed the Patriot's with Purpose part of our program.  We love that we have served and want that to continue even beyond our military time and for our children to see that example.  Our dogs have purpose.  To keep us warm, sound the alarm, show us compassion, be playmates, battle buddies and traveling companions.  That is a role worth sharing and we would love for you to be part of our community.  Where everyday is Patriot's Day!!

 Our Mission Statement

To be an ethical and reputable breeder of genuine Multi-generational Australian Labradoodles.  We are committed to promoting this great breed by maintaining their unique level of health testing, distinct history and family oriented temperament. We strive to provide top quality dogs for use as a valued family companions and potential Assistance dogs.