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Below are the expected litters that are presently planned for the upcoming year. We take 3-5 reservations per litter to ensure that families can expect a spot in an upcoming litter. A reservation requires a $300 non-refundable deposit. If a female does not have a litter from a breeding or the timeline for your family changes, then the deposit can be transferred to a different litter or the family can decide to wait until next breeding.

Semper Fidelis and Attention on Deck “Decker”

Our Amazing Semper Fidelis will have a second attempt with Chief this winter for hopefully spring puppies.  Puppies will be 30-40lbs at maturity and be chocolate and various shades of caramel with possible tuxedo markings and possible parti of those colors.  We are beyond giddy with anticipation as these two have amazing family personalities and beautiful silky coats.

We are accepting reservations for this litter!

Canadian Wren and Anchors Aweigh “Chief”

Wren is our spunky girl at just under 40lbs. She will be honeymooning with Chief October for early December puppies that will go home first part of February. Puppies should be 30-40lbs. Colors will be Cream with black nose or Caramel colored with a liver nose in solid color, white tuxedo mark or chance of parti in those colors.

This litter is presently reserved until puppies are born to determine if more spaces are available.

Loretta and Anchors Aweigh “Chief”
Summer 2020

Hope Farms Coal Miner’s Daughter “Loretta” will be honeymooning with Bestland Anchors Aweigh early 2020 for a spring 2020 litter. These two have the solid and beautiful build of the ALD and have the desired family personalities. Loretta loves to play fetch and Chief is an empathetic and athletic stud who is greatly loved in his Guardian family. Loretta can have black, chocolate, red, cream and caramel solid colors or with a chance of white chest mark like Chief. Puppies will mature to 30-40lbs.

We are presently taking reservations.

Vargas Pinup Luna and Chief
Summer 2020

This Bestland pairing is a great size match for perfect active family sized companions. Chief is incredibly empathetic and athletic and brings a nice solid build to his puppies. Luna is BbEe and will be able to throw a rainbow of colors for our program. We expect chocolates, caramels, creams and some black. We are looking forward to Luna’s first litter in summer of 2020.

We are presently taking reservations

Lindy Hop and Attention on Deck “Decker”
Fall 2020

We are beyond excited about this pairing of Blue Star Patriot’s Day Lindy Hop and Bainbridge Attention on Deck. Lindy was evaluated by Pat Hastings and this little girl is a dream to have in the house. We are so grateful to Carol Stover at Blue Star for offering her to our program. Decker is so gentle and amazing with the toddlers in his Guardian home. He gently follows them around waiting for treats and lets them brush him. He also lays beside them as they attempt to read him books. This is a highly anticipated mini pairing and we are looking forward to a litter of caramel and caramel parti in all shades. Puppies should be 18-25lbs at maturity.

We are presently taking reservations for this amazing pairing!

Korra and Moose
Summer 2020

Korra is an ice caramel medium girl. She is playful and intelligent and we will be pairing her with Luxe Labradoodles Mr. Moose in 2020. This litter will be all apricot and red in solid or white chest marks and 30-40lbs at maturity. This litter will be beautiful and fabulous for temperaments.

These are puppies that Moose has produced with a female of the same genotype and coloring as Korra. We are expecting a very similar result.