Fraternizing is not allowed! (wink wink)

We are expecting to breed Sailors Delight and Royal Australian Cowboy around winter 2018. We are shooting for a truly miniature litter with puppies between 15-25lbs.  

This litter is fully reserved until we have a full count. We will not be taking reservations until pregnancies are confirmed.

Our Amazing Semper Fidelis will be expecting her first litter sometime in 2019.  Puppies will be 30-40lbs at maturity and be chocolate and various shaded of caramel with possible tuxedo markings and possible parti of those colors.  We are beyond giddy with anticipation as these two have amazing family personalities and beautiful silky coats.

Expecting 2019

Mediums 30-40lbs

We are so excited about this pairing with Chief! Puppies will be chocolate and shades of caramel with possible white tuxedo markings or parti of those colors. Puppies will mature to 30-40lbs. We have a growing wait list for this amazing pair with silky coats and very laid back and trainable personalities.

Expecting Fall of 2019

Puppies will be 35-45lbs

Chief will be the stud for both Semper and Wren in 2019. Puppies will be Chocolate, caramel, Red, Cream all with a good chance of white tuxedo. Also a chance of parti chocolate, caramel or red. Pups will be 30-40lbs at maturity.