Puppy prices are: $3000 for miniatures and $2800 for medium

Miniatures (we only produce a few each year, under 25lbs)
Medium (30-40lbs ) The majority of our dogs will be in this weight range

Discounts available for Military, Therapy dogs and returning customers

How is the cost of a puppy determined? We spent hundreds of hours researching, years of raising and training our breeding males and females and tens of thousands of dollars to produce healthy Australian Labradoodle puppies to give you, our client, the healthiest family companion possible!  It's an amazing deal over the long haul.

Australian Labradoodles have been bred specifically for health and temperament. Most breeding males and females cost around $13,000 due to demand of quality breeding stock and the extensive testing that breeding dogs undergo to verify that they are top quality for reproduction.  Reputable breeders will be able to provide you with all the testing information of their breeding males and females. At Patriot's Day Doodles, we test through Paw Prints Genetics and do the Essential and Supplemental Panels which covers testing for 15 different diseases.  We also do OFA eye exams. OFA Hips, Elbows, Patellas and OFA Cardiac exam.  At two years old the males and females take a thyroid test.  

Why test so much?  Vets are very expensive and so we breed dogs who should be healthy the length of their life, if you provide correct nutrition, exercise and attention.  A healthy dog can result in thousands of dollars saved over the course of your pet’s life. That is a goal we all should be striving for. Quality of Life.

We have a no shelter policy and puppies come with a contract in which the new owners agree to return the dog to us if there arises a need to rehome.  We will either take the dog back or help that individual find a new home depending on location.  

Puppies can go home between 8-10 weeks of age under a spay and neuter contract.  Puppies will need to be neutered by 6 months of age.  If an accidental pregnancy occurs or the puppy is not spayed or neutered by 6 months, then the puppy will be considered a breeding dog and the remaining balance of $7300 will be due.   Also any breeches of breeding contracts resulting in penalties to Patriot's Day Doodles will be transferred to the unspayed puppy's owner. Those fines can be as much as $15-20 thousand dollars. Needless to say, we take spay and neuter seriously!  

Puppy prices are $3000 and $2800
A non refundable deposit of $300 is required to hold your place for a litter of your choosing.  $2000 will be due when the puppies are 4 weeks old.  The remaining  $500-700 + tax will be due the week before puppies ares scheduled to go to home. If discounts apply, they will be taken off the final amount. Virginia Residents tax ($168 or $180) will be included in addition to your $2800-3000 puppy price.

Discounts given are as follows.
Military Rate: $300 credit
Assistance Dog Training: $300 credit
Returning Client: $300
Assistance Dog Training is for a puppy who will be trained for Indirect or Direct Service. Indirect Service pertains to a puppy being trained for an Educational Assistance Dog or Social Therapy Dog.  Direct Service Dogs are trained as mobility Service Dogs, Psychological Service Dogs or a combination of both.  Credit will be applied when dog and owner complete approved training programs and send certificates to verify.  Military and Assistance Dog credits CAN BE applied simultaneously.  If you are military or former military and looking for a Service Dog, please ask further about using a Patriot's Day Doodle!  We do not train the puppy here but give priority in placing for puppies who are headed for "working" dog programs.

A sample of some of the things that may be included in your puppy starter kit. Samples of NuVet Plus, treat and a small sack of food are also included.

A sample of some of the things that may be included in your puppy starter kit. Samples of NuVet Plus, treat and a small sack of food are also included.

Puppies come with:
- Microchip
-  familiar puppy food
- Collar and Leash
- Copy of Puppy Primer book
- Patriot's Day Doodle blanket with familiar smells
-  Familiar puppy toy
-  Vaccine and worming record
- Two year genetic Health Guarantee
- Copy of Contract and Health Warranty
- Registration with ALAA and or ALCA after Spay/Neuter or Sterilization

A well trained dog is a welcome dog!  We hope that your journey with a Patriot's Day Doodle will produce a lifetime of valuable memories.  We have included a Puppy Primer book to all who are becoming part of the Patriot's Day puppy family.  We encourage and advise new owners to attend puppy training classes.  These programs are just as beneficial to you, the owner, as they are for your puppy.

If the price of a pet Labradoodle is not feasible at this time, perhaps you would like to learn more about our Guardian Home Program.  If you live within an hour of LaSalle, IL or just outside of Chicago, please inquire about how you can be part of the Patriot's Day Doodles program. 

Even if you decide not to purchase a puppy with Patriot's Day Doodles, we wish you the best on finding your companion puppy.  As a future responsible pet owner, look for Health, Testing and Temperament to fit your family and demand to see the care and condition of the dogs who are being used for breeding.  The best way to keep dogs out of shelters is for you to research, be informed and be a responsible pet owner to any dog that you decide bring home!  

Happy Doodling!!