Medium Ladies
17-23” at shoulder

tampa bay's Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful

Registered Name - Tampa Bay Semper Fidelis
Registration- ALCA - C042-03122017-077-LB1 (A4/Certified)
Registration - ALAA-060008
Registration WALA 00009958
Size- Medium 27lbs and 19 inches tall
Coat- Relaxed Fleece super soft and shiny
Color- bbEe, does carry the parti gene
DNA - DNA panel on file for positive identification
Health Testing 2017:  - Clear on 15 different diseases including Von Willebrand Disease, EIC and PRA, PRCD.  
OFA Eyes: Normal May 2017
OFA Hips, Elbows, Patellas: Good July 2017
OFA Heart: Normal June 2017

Dam -  Tampa Bay's Sweet Daisy Mae

Sire -  Desert Winds Bailey's Irish Cream

This little girl out of Tampa Bay lives up to her name: Always Faithful.  She has the ideal companion puppy temperament as she is friendly and laid back.  She loves the water and if there is a puddle to be found, she is in it!  She is wonderful with children and has shown only a loving and tolerant personality. She has great therapy dog potential.  Patriot's Day Doodles is so proud to have her in our program and as our foundation female.  We look forward to great things to come


BlueVale Meadows Canadian Wren

This little girl is out of Canada and is quite the traveler.  She represents the Royal Canadian Women's Naval Corps of the 1940s who were known as WRENs.  Wren has all the beloved traits of a lab with the desired coat of the Australian Labradoodle.  She is a doll baby and loves to be with people.  She is living in a Guardian home just outside of Chicago and they tell me they are "Smitten" with her and love her dearly.  She will be expecting her first litter in late 2019.


Canadian "WREN"


Registered Name - Bluevale Meadows Canadian WREN
Registration- ALCA-295-02032018-001-LB1 (A5/Certified)
Registration - ALAA-070216
Registration WALA 00014376
Size- Medium 19” at shoulder and 35lbs
Coat- Fleece
Color- Bbee, Cream with white markings, does carry the parti gene
DNA - DNA panel on file
Health Testing
OFA Eyes - Normal May 2018
OFA Hips and Elbows Good June 2018
OFA Patellas Normal August 2018
OFA Heart: Pending

Clear on all Essentials and Supplemental Panels with Paw Prints.  She DOES carry for EIC.

Sire- DeWitt Valley Vincenzo

Dam- High Time Lily of the Valley


hope farm’s coal miner’s daughter

Loretta is going to be a superstar. If she is anything like her dad, Leapfrog Coal, then she will be the model for everything that makes the Australian Labradoodle such an impressive dog. She comes from a litter with a great blocky build, therapy dog temperament parents, parents extensively health tested and she is stunning. Her coat is so black that she almost appears blue at times. She will be able to throw chocolate, black, cream, red and a range of caramels for our program in 2020.

Registered Name - Hope Farm Coal Miner’s Daughter “Loretta”
Registration- ALCA
Registration - ALAA-
Registration WALA-00009964
Size- Medium 30lbs
Coat- Fleece
Color- BbEe, Nightshade black
DNA - DNA panel on file for positive identification
OFA Eyes - Normal 2019
OFA Hips, Elbows and Patellas: Good and Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal

Essentials and Supplemental Panels: Clear on all tested diseases

Sire- Leapfrog Coal

Dam- Hope Farm Sadie Lynn


Agape Paws Legendary Korra

Korra is our Southwest traveler! She lives in a Guardian Home in New Mexico with an active and adoring Air Force family. Korra has a lovely and playful temperament and has been caught playing hide and seek with her very own human toddler. She comes from Agape Paws whose presence in the Australian Labradoodle community was/is highly regarded and respected. Jim and Shannon decided to retire in 2019 to spend more time with family and to be closer to grandkids. We are so grateful for the opportunity to include Korra and Agape Paw lines into our breeding program from their very last litter. Jim and Shannon’s many years of breeding is evident in the temperament, health and build of Korra. She has the desired great blocky build, loose fleece coat, extensive health testing and people oriented personality. On top of it, she is stunning. She will be having her first litter for our program in New Mexico in 2020.

Registered Name - Agape Paws Legendary Korra
Registration- ALCA
Registration - ALAA-
Registration WALA-
Size- Medium 40lbs
Coat- Fleece
Color- bbee, Ice Caramel
DNA - DNA panel on file for positive identification
OFA Eyes - Normal 2019
OFA Hips, Elbows and Patellas: Good and Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal

Essentials and Supplemental Panels: Clear on all tested diseases, does carry for DM

Sire- Agape Paws Olaf

Dam- Rosewood Olivia

Mini Ladies
14-16” at shoulder

high country Sailors Delight

Red sky at night . . .Sailors Delight!

Sailor is as spunky little deck hand. She doesn't shy away from new adventures and holds her own in a puppy pile.  She is an absolutely adorable micro miniature with a nose like a hound dog and loves to be of service as a foot warmer.  Sailor is our self appointed pack leader and the others have agreed nonchalantly allowed her to rule the roost. Her puppies have gotten such amazing feedback from their forever families. We get emails all the time thanking us for providing such trainable, loving and cherished family members.  

Registered Name - High Country Sailors Delight
Registration- ALCA -224-12192016-026-LB1 (A4/Certified)
Registration - ALAA-056481
Registration WALA 00009959
Size- Miniature 13lbs and 14 inches tall
Coat- Fleece
Color- Bbee, Apricot white markings, does carry the parti gene
DNA - DNA panel on file for positive identification
Health Testing:  -
OFA Eyes: Normal 2018
OFA Hips,Elbows, and Patella Good 2017
OFA Heart Normal 2017
Paw Prints Essentials and Supplemental Panels ALL CLEAR.

Dam -  Rivermist Cheyenne

Sire -  FernRidge Sebastian

Certifications - Completed Basic Training in 2017, Intro to Rally Training Aug 2018


Blue Star
Patriot’s Day Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop, shake a leg and jump jive!

Lindy is perfection! This mini girl is bringing the parti to Patriot’s Day Doodles. We have been waiting a few years for the perfect mini girl to add to our program. We are so grateful to Carol Stover of Blue Star Labradoodles who allowed us to acquire Lindy from her exceptional program. Lindy and her littermates were evaluated by Pat Hastings who has spent over 50 years judging and evaluating dogs of all breeds. She judges a dog based on their breed standard and their structural confirmation. Pat scores multiple aspects of a puppy and recommends only those who receive top score to retained for any breeding program. Not every litter produces a breeding quality dog and some litters may only produce one. The Stryker and Kylies litter is a testament to Blue Star’s dedication to quality breeding and Carol’s decades of experience resulting in this dream litter! Lindy is from a litter of 10 and ALL were scored as breeding dog quality with Lindy being chosen and reserved as the best of the best. This matters for the long term genetics of the ALD and for the quality we strive for in our program. Lindy has some great genetics to produce a structurally sound, genetically healthy and beautifully tempered puppy for our future Patriot’s Day puppy families.

Registered Name - Blue Star Patriot’s Day Lindy Hop
Registration- ALCA
Registration - ALAA-
Registration WALA
Size- Miniature 23-25lbs at maturity
Coat- Fleece
Color- bbee, Caramel Parti
DNA - DNA panel on file for positive identification
Health Testing:  -
OFA Eyes: Normal July 2019
OFA Hips,Elbows, and Patella
OFA Heart - Normal 2019
Paw Prints Essentials and Supplemental Panels ALL CLEAR.

Sire -  Hills West Melt Your Heart

Dam -  Blue Star’s Parti-on Kalani