Looking for Guardians on the West side of Chicago for 2020.  Preferably less than 1 hour from LaSalle or Ottawa, IL

We love our breeding dogs to be in their own families were they are getting that individual attention and are living their fullest lives.

We will have one of the mini parti females in the pictures below available for a fun family friendly yet mellow home.

Bluevale Canadian Wren will be available for a fun on the go family. Wren is 40lbs and loves to play fetch and will use her large expressive eyes to stare you down for treats.

We will also have a chocolate parti stud pup available to a dog savvy family. Puppy obedience classes are a must!!

What an amazing way to add to your family and experience the wonderful companionship of the Australian Labradoodle for a very reduced price!  We are looking for guardian families who will commit to Canine Good Citizen training and potentially Therapy Dog training as well.  We need to get to know you, since you will be an important part of our lives!  Must be within an hour of LaSalle, IL or just outside of Chicago.

Since we do not believe in kenneling dogs and we know this breed can may be difficult to acquire for some families who would really benefit from having a Patriot's Day Doodle, we have implemented the Guardian Home Program. This ensures that all of our future breeding dogs will be raised in a loving home environment ensuring the temperament and sweet nature of the Australian Labradoodle. Your puppy will be “pick of the litter” chosen by us to be a breeding dog and we will retain breeding rights for the life of the Guardian Home Contract.

Our breeding dogs live in our home and we would expect the same with a guardian home.

A guardian family must be willing and able to loan the dog back to us for health testing, breeding, whelping and raising puppies. After the dog is finished with their breeding career, they will be spayed/neutered at breeder’s expense and the ownership of the dog transferred to the guardian home family. Any costs relating to health testing and breeding will be the responsibility of the breeder.  Normal yearly wellness care is the responsibility of the guardian home.  As a breeding dog, the name will be chosen by us and the dog will legally be owned by Patriot's Day Doodles until completion of breeding contract.

 $2000 is required to become a guardian home for us.  When the breeding contract has been complete and the dog is spayed/neutered/sterilized, the $2000 will be returned and legal rights will be transferred to Guardian family!  Being a Guardian family is unbelievable way to get an amazing dog and be part of the care and wellness of this wonderful breed for the price of routine maintenance of a family pet.  We offer an additional incentive of $250 for completion of Canine Good Citizen program.


1. Must live within an hour and half from LaSalle, IL for the life of the contract roughly 5-6years.  Some exceptions may be possible in the case of a stud dog being in a Guardian Home. We are willing to work with Military families where many other breeders will not!!

2. Have a secure fenced yard.

3. No intact males can reside on the premises if you have a female dog from our program.

4. Notify us when the female starts heat cycle. Identifying day 1 of heat cycle is extremely important.

5. Willingness to feed a diet designated by Patriot's Day Doodles for the health and wellness of the dog.

6. Provide routine veterinary care: annual vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, etc…

7. Provide training for Canine Good Citizen. When complete, Guardian will be given $250 as incentive for a well trained dog within first 18 months of care.  

8. Willingness to maintain open lines of communication with us on any matters relating to the dog.

9. The dog cannot be left for longer than 6 hours a day.   We are looking for Guardians who are social and can accommodate a social/working dog by taking them to work, working from home, homeschooling, volunteering for therapy dog hours or being home most of the day.

If this is an interest to you, please contact us for more details.