Bestland's Anchors Aweigh "CHIEF"

The anchor is lifted and we are officially underway for our journey!  The Chief has arrived.
This stunning Khaki boy with his Sea Turtle Tuxedo mark are sure to please.  He has a silky relaxed coat and is the family dog that make the Australian Labradoodle highly desired.  Chief lives in a Guardian Home where one of the children have dog allergies and it has been a smashing success story.  Need an anchor in your life?  The Chief has what you are looking for!  

Registered Name - Bestland's Anchors Aweigh
Registration- ALCA -188-05042017-019-LD2
Registration - ALAA-063261
Registration WALA 00009956
Size- Medium 40lbs and 19 inches at wither
Coat- Fleece
Color- bbee, Caramel with sea turtle tuxedo markings
He also has light golden eyes.
DNA - DNA panel on file for positive identification
OFA Eyes - Normal December 2018
OFA Hips,Elbows, and Patella (Preliminary) Sept 2017 GOOD
OFA Heart Normal July 2017
Essentials and Supplemental Panel through Paw Prints clear.

Dam -  Berkshire Hills Cara Mel

Sire -  Green Gables Optimus Prime

Chief comes from a line of great health and temperament out of Bestland in Georgia.  The perfect therapy dog stock!  Chief  lives in a Guardian Family who has a child with dog allergies.  They thought they would never be able to have a dog.  Then Chief came along and now the Family is overjoyed because the child does not have reactions to him!  Chief is greatly valued and treasured family member and is taken care of by 6 doting children who now have an additional playmate.  We look forward to continuing this line in Patriot's Day Doodles in 2019. 


Some of Chief's pups. . . coming soon!

Bainbridge ATTENTION ON DECK “Decker”

Commodore William Bainbridge is a name synonymous with victory. With an influential and historic career, Capt Bainbridge commanded such ships as the USS Constitution, USS Retaliation and the USS Independence in the War of 1812. He was in charge of the restoration of the ships USS John Adams and the USS Chesapeake. We are excited to carry on Capt Bainbridge’s memory with our newest addition. Decker is set to guide our program into the future and will be our main stud in Illinois when we make the move in 2020. His even temperament and beautiful deep red caramel are exactly what we want in our future puppies.

Registered Name - Bainbridge Attention on Deck “Decker”
WALA -00016097
Size- large mini/small Medium
Coat- Fleece
Color- bbee, Red Caramel
DNA - DNA panel on file for positive identification
OFA Eyes - Normal 2019
OFA Hips,Elbows, and Patella -Good and Normal
OFA Heart - Pending
Essentials and Supplemental Panels - Clear of all tested diseases

Deployment Daddy "Bo"

Bo keeps the ladies happy until the man with the papers comes around!  He NOT part of our breeding program and is a neutered rescue dog about 18" and 45lbs. He introduced us to the world of Labradoodles and boy what an introduction.  He is a doll face and an attention getter.  Bo is an American Labradoodle and he does shed cotton balls and can be shy with new people.  

USO Show

USO Show