We look for the best in the Australian Labradoodles (Multi-Generational) and only provide the best to breeders. We work with those looking for quality and integrity in their kennel. We have built a reputable and responsible breeding program and only puppies with genetic testing and family temperaments will be available.  We only provide OFA Excellent or Good Preliminary.

New breeders interested in working with Patriot's Day Doodles, please contact us as we do extensive health testing and there will be no surprises for you. We will provide pick of the litter already health tested with OFA Preliminaries and Paw Prints Essentials and Supplemental panels run to allow you to qualify for the ALAA Gold Paw Breeder recognition. Puppies will be 5 months old and fully tested and raised with Puppy Culture so you will be able to bond and enjoy your new addition to your family without wondering if they will pass the health tests. You will not be paying for “should” or “maybe” but for what has already been done and can be proven and verified.