Patriot's Day Doodles is a proud sponsor of Navy Seal Foundation.  In 2018 we will be providing one puppy from Sailors Delight or Semper Fidelis to Navy Seal Foundation as a fundraiser.  98% of the monies raised by Navy Seal Foundation go directly to helping military families who are in a crisis situation.  We were personally impacted by their generosity when Jason, active duty, was diagnosed with cancer while we were stationed in Germany. He ran an ultra marathon in 2014 and 2 days later was told he had cancer.  Within a week we were stateside as a family going to appointments at Walter Reed in Bethesda, MD.  Navy Seal Foundation provided a mini van for our family for 2 months while we went through a whirlwind of appointments and surgeries.  When we determined what route to take for therapy we made long term arrangements and returned the mini van.  We are so grateful to the men and women who support this amazing organization that we feel compelled to give back. Puppy price starts at $2700 and the highest bidder will give all funds directly to Navy Seal Foundation and receive the tax deduction for the year.  The highest bidder will have pick of the litter of puppies that have not been reserved for breeding and Patriot's Day Doodles will deliver to the new owners within the US at no cost.  So if you are looking for an Australian Labradoodle and also looking to make a charitable contribution in 2018, we look forward to speaking with you! 



Patriot's Day Doodles is developing a program to support 2020 Olympic Hopeful Sophie Gutermuth! She is a pole vaulter and during her career at Indiana University, was an All-American, Big Ten Medalist, and School Record Holder (former). Sophie is presently training with an Olympic level coach and working toward the 2020 Olympics. Patriot's Day Doodles is providing Sophie a financial sponsorship and giving her a public platform through our site for outreach and future sponsors.  She is Aron's cousin and so we have first hand knowledge of what a hard working young woman she is.  We are proud to be supporting a true champion who is using her gifting to represent us all on the world stage.  Go Sophie!! Learn more about Sophie and be part of the Olympic Hopeful team at: GOFUNDME