Patriot's Day leading the way!

Patriot’s Day Doodles is the only ALCA and ALAA registered breeder in the State of Virginia. We breed Australian Labradoodles with no new infusions. Australian Labradoodles are different from the Labradoodle (Poodle and Lab), the Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle) and the Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepard and Poodle). The Australian Labradoodle is a blend of several breeds of dog that were selected for no/low shedding and family friendly temperaments. The Australian Labradoodle is becoming recognized as a breed with the OFA. If you are looking for a doodle, the Australian Labradoodle will be the most consistent in coat and temperament compared to the continued first generation mixing of the other doodles listed above. Every breed was designed for a purpose. The Australian Labradoodle was designed for allergy sufferers and for therapy dog temperaments which makes them the ideal family dog. (Photo of Parchment Female Courtesy of By the Bay Labradoodles of Monterrey, CA)

Guardian needed in Illinois!

We are actively looking for a Guardian Family within an hour of Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. In 2019, a Guardian family would be getting pick of litter, health tested, vaccinated and ready to play 4-6 month old puppy, for a wonderful family addition. The puppy would be part of our future breeding program when we make the “forever'“ move to IL when Jason retires after 30 years of Naval service in 2020.

We look for families who are often home and willing to train for obedience. Also desired would be someone wanting to train their dog as potential therapy dog or a family who has dog allergies. The Australian Labradoodle is no/low shedding and can be allergy friendly depending on the severity of the allergy. Our dogs are raised for Health and Temperament so you would be getting the best of the breed. Puppy could potentially be male or female and color has not yet been determined. There are a list of qualifications on our Guardian page to help you determine if you could be a potential candidate.



Both of these girls are grown and will be having puppies in the near future. Semper Fidelis and Sailors Delight. We are presently waiting for them come in heat. We have a growing wait list of anxious families and I have to say I am the most anxious of all! We are checking everyday and waiting for them to tell us when they are ready! Of course Chief was born ready and waiting wanting, and willing to prove himself. Photo Courtesy of Silly Little Sparrow


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