Hope Farm Loretta heads to OH

Being a military, family we get to make some of the most amazing friends who become like family. Loretta is going to a just such a Guardian home with a dear friend who works for NASA. We are excited because now we have a solid reason to make intentional plans to see each other every year. We are so excited Loretta is going to have kids who will play ball with her and who have been petitioning for a family companion! Loretta is part of our breeding program and should be having puppies in IL sometime in 2020. She is able to throw a rainbow of colors and we are excited about seeing some the amazing genetics out of Hope Farm continue into the Patriot’s Day program and into our wonderful pet families!


This girl. . .

My sweet Tampa Bay Semper Fidelis is such a joy to have in the home. She is a calming influence on people who visit and on the other dogs. People meet her and want one just like her. She is expected to come in heat this fall for her first litter! We will be pairing her with Chief for a litter of chocolates and caramels and chance of parti in those colors. We have 1 more reservation available. Puppies should be 30-40lbs at maturity.


Chief Pups Available!

Availability in Chief and Pepper litter at Hope Farm in North Carolina! Pepper had 4 puppies 07 July 2019. 2 males and 2 females. There is availability in this litter. Puppies are expected to mature to 25-35lbs and are various shades of caramel. Contact Hope Farm Labradoodles for more information!

Coco Blitz Chocolate Bits

A chocolate blitz is coming in May! Shelby Avenue Coco Blitz is expecting her first litter. This family-friendly and fun girl is expected to throw some pups with personality! All puppies will be chocolate and some could have white chest marks like Chief. Puppies are expected to be 35-45lbs at maturity. Coco and Chief have velvety soft coats and sweet family oriented personalities. We still have a few spots for reservations in this chocolate fest and summer fun litter!!

Semper Fidelis and Anchors Aweigh "Chief" have honeymooned!

We will be doing an ultrasound in 30 days to determine pregnancy! We have waited years for this pairing. This will be Semper’s first litter and will be chocolate or caramel and 30-40lbs at maturity. There is a chance of a parti pup or two in chocolate or caramel and chance of white chest marks for all pups. We are still taking reservations for this highly anticipated litter!

A Blitz is coming!!!

A Chocolate Blitz is expected in mid May of this year! Coco Blitz and Chief have honeymooned and an all chocolate litter is expected. Coco is a deep chocolate that has not faded and all her puppies will be either solid chocolate or chocolate with chance of white chest mark. Pups should mature to around 40lbs. Puppies would go home around mid July. We have just started taking reservations for this litter.

2019 Puppies!

Canadian Wren and Chief will be expecting this summer to fall 2019! Creams and caramels and 25-35lbs with chance of chest marks or possible parti in those colors.. Their silky and soft coats are what we look for in the Australian Labradoodle. We have a growing reservations list for Wren’s highly anticipated litter. We are accepting reservations now!

Summer Puppies!

Summer is a great time to get a puppy to get them settled in your routine and ready for your fall schedule. These puppies from deep chocolate Coco Blitz and Chief will be ready to go home around the end of June. They will be Chocolate with chance of white tux mark and be about 35-45lbs at maturity. Coco has held her color and has not faded yet so we are expecting great lasting color from her! These two are great family dog sizes and temperament can’t be beat for those of you who love to hike, go to the beach or just stroll through the park. At home these 2 lay around on the bed or snooze under the table. We are accepting reservations for this summer 2019 litter!


Our sweet Semper Fidelis is finally in heat!! We will be breeding next week and if successful Puppies will be going home end of June to the first part of July! We have greatly anticipated this pairing for quite awhile and so excited about the size and temperament of these pups! Puppies will be either Chocolate or Caramel with chance of white marks and a chance of parti in those colors and mature to around 30-40lbs. Semper’s Chocolate color has not faded and we are excited to carry that potential for lasting color to her puppies. We are accepting reservations for these greatly loved and highly anticipated puppies!!